If you’re killing it at work but have trouble sticking to your own New Years’ Resolutions, this article is for you.

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Do you have trouble sticking to your new year’s resolutions?

A couple of years ago, I made a resolution that *THIS* was the year I was going to lose weight, start exercising and get in shape. I got a new exercise video to use. I planned to get up early to work out every morning.

That lasted about a week before life got in the way.

And when it did, I felt terrible. I had plenty of motivation, but I was already over-committed and trying to fit my new goal into a jam-packed schedule, which also included one child who…

There’s no doubt about it: 2020 has sucked, big time.

I was talking to an engineer the other day who told me she couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over. When I asked her if there was anything at all that happened to her recently that was good, I was met with a befuddled look and the following response:

“This year was just….terrible. Nothing good has happened and I can’t wait to get to January 1st.”

This year has been really hard and all of us can relate to feeling despair at times.

But you can’t conquer hard by hoping everything will be better January 1, or even when the COVID-19 vaccine is readily available.

You can’t…

The only thing that seems certain is continued uncertainty. Here’s how to turn the last months of 2020 into a bright spot.

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On Friday, March 13th, while boarding a plane with my children and husband on the way back from vacation, I received a text that would mark the beginning of my (and millions of others’) new reality:

“…all Pennsylvania schools will be closed for the next two weeks, starting Monday, due to the coronavirus.”

As those weeks turned into months, a new reality set in.

Everywhere I turned, there was another crisis.

One of my brothers in the Bay Area and a sister in Oregon were dealing with apocalyptic-looking skies and health-impacting poor air quality due to the fires.

A friend…

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Every professional woman (and some men) has been there.

Seething through a virtual meeting where you can’t get in a word edgewise.

Getting cut off as soon as you start to share a great idea.

Physically raising your hand during the meeting (even a virtual one) in an attempt to be called on. (I’m not talking about the virtual “raise your hand” feature.)

Having someone else hijack the point you were making and subsequently getting credit for YOUR idea.

You’ve busted tail to earn expertise in your field, and now you can’t even speak up without getting second-guessed or cut…

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One of the things I love doing most is mentoring women in engineering so they can have more impact and influence in their work.

Unfortunately, sometimes this comes with exposure to the darker sides of life as a professional woman. Lately, the number of women I’ve talked to who have experienced sexual harassment at work has increased.

One told me both her manager and HR departments said “it happens everywhere” and “you just have to learn to deal with it” when she attempted to report the behavior.

Another was asked “Well, what are you doing to cause this? …

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When I started writing this blog, I had originally intended to write on an entirely different topic.

But, when I sat down to write, I was exhausted. I had stacked a number of video conference calls on the same afternoon. Our internet provider was dealing with some known outages in the area, resulting in sporadic internet access that day (there was one call I had to re-enter three times!)

And so, as I stared at the blinking cursor on my computer screen at the end of the day, willing semi-coherent words to leap from my brain onto the screen, I…

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One evening after work, I sat pouring over my newly updated resume, checking for typos and proofreading.

This was my first time updating my resume in over five years, and as I proofread I thought myself “Wow, I have a lot of really amazing experience.” This wasn’t my ego speaking; instead, it was almost as if I was reviewing someone else’s resume.

The next day didn’t go so well at work. A conference call with a difficult client sent my day into a redesign tailspin. I had a pile of urgent shop drawings on my desk that I hadn’t finished…

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It happened again.

During a monthly conference call, we were brainstorming ideas for getting the word out on one of my volunteer committee’s latest initiatives. One of the options discussed was going around to the college student groups affiliated with our organization to share our findings.

There was only one problem: the initiatives affected the entire state and it was not logistically feasible to physically speak to all the student groups.

The obvious solution (at least to me) was to create a video of our findings, and disperse it to the groups to watch at their convenience. …

You are smart, you’ve got a positive mindset, and you’re excited to take on the world’s engineering problems. You may even have some years of engineering experience under your belt.

Why, then, do you feel like you aren’t moving as quickly in your career as you’d like? In today’s blog, we look at five not-so-obvious reasons (i.e. a toxic boss isn’t here!) your career might have stalled.

#1 You have no plan.

For a very long time, I believed that it was my employer’s responsibility to provide me with options for my career path. …

And stop using the word “bossy” while you’re at it.

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Last week, I was driving my 7 and 10-year-old daughters to piano lessons when I overheard a conversation discussing some of the behavior of their friends on the playground (friends’ names have been changed for privacy reasons):

7-year old: I don’t like playing with Jane at recess. She is just so bossy.

10-year-old: I don’t know about Jane, but I have the same problem with Anna. She is always telling me what to do and changes the rules when she’s not winning. She doesn’t take turns or play fair.


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