The only thing that seems certain is continued uncertainty. Here’s how to turn the last months of 2020 into a bright spot.

On Friday, March 13th, while boarding a plane with my children and husband on the way back from vacation, I received a text that would mark the beginning of my (and millions of others’) new reality:

“…all Pennsylvania schools will be closed for the next two weeks, starting Monday, due…

One evening after work, I sat pouring over my newly updated resume, checking for typos and proofreading.

This was my first time updating my resume in over five years, and as I proofread I thought myself “Wow, I have a lot of really amazing experience.” …

It happened again.

During a monthly conference call, we were brainstorming ideas for getting the word out on one of my volunteer committee’s latest initiatives. One of the options discussed was going around to the college student groups affiliated with our organization to share our findings.

There was only one…

Stephanie Slocum

Career + Online Business Strategist | Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker | Women in STEM Champion | Parent Working to Raise Empowered Girls

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